About Us

Bishop Scott Mayer and Father Jared Houze

Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer  Our Bishop

Rev. Jared Foster Houze Our Vicar



Our Staff and Bishop's Committee

Organist - Bonnie Walters

Senior Wardens - Cara Lindsey and Katy Hoskins

Junior Wardens - Torrey Wetsel and Bob Girvin

Committee Members -Virginia Delaney, Faye Ellis, Ricky Bowman, and Amanda Hall

Deacon Nikki Jones

Nikki Jones


We mourn the loss of our beloved Deacon, Nikki Jones. She passed away Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. She was ordained in October of 2000.

Altar St. Stephens

Mary Burrows

Office Assistant

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Bishop's Committee


Cara Lindsey, Katy Hoskins, Torrey Wetsel, Bob Girvin, Fay Ellis, Ricky Bowman, Amanda Hall, Virginia DeLaney