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Our Mission

The mission of All Saints' Colorado City and St. Stephen's Sweetwater is to help restore the people of our communities to one another and God in Christ through Worship, Service and Friendship.


Photo Credit: Rob Greebon of Images From Texas 

Sunrise comes to a field of hay bales on a Texas ranch. This image was taken on Thanksgiving morning - a crisp, calm start to a beautiful day.


Please join us in Colorado City or Sweetwater for Holy Eucharist, Morning Prayer, and all Services.

An old wooden cross stands in a smalll patch of bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country.


We are a community of friends with a common desire to seek and serve Christ in all we do.

Between Llano and Mason, a strong spring storm had passed by. A rainbow formed over this windmill and a few Texas wildflowers, and I took the opportunity to capture this fleeting moment.


Our communities are stronger for our presence and our efforts to support all various ministries and efforts in and outside of church walls.